About Min y Don

In 1961 Min Y Don was established in Arthog, Wales as a Christian Outdoor Adventure Centre and to this day, it is still family owned and run.

Our purpose is to provide high quality holidays and activities for all ages within the framework of traditional Christian family values and standards.

Min Y Don is a inter-denominational Christian outdoor adventure centre and we welcome groups, families and individuals of any faith or background. For family holidays a simple epilogue is held each evening in the lounge and this usually comprises of a song, one of our famous sketches, Bible reading and a short talk.
We place no pressure whatsoever on our guests to accept the Christian viewpoint.

Min Y Don is a residential centre, and has a variety of accommodation including Twin, Single, Family rooms and Dormitories – many of which are en-suite – and is able to accommodate up to 50 guests.
As well as all of the on-site activities, which range from Orienteering and Treasure Hunts, to the High Ropes Course and Rock Climbing, Min Y Don has many additional features including a comfortable guest lounge, small library, tennis court, putting green, Games Room and Environmental Studies Room.

Going the Extra Mile

  1. We will work hard to achieve excellence in all that we do.
  2. We will always work with a servant attitude, demonstrating this in a willingness to go the extra mile.
  3. We will always keep at the forefront of our minds the reason and purpose of what we are doing.
  4. The staff team will have the opportunity for personal development as Christians.
  5. We will always be open to the development of new ideas and be imaginative as we seek to achieve our major purpose.
  6. We will have open minds and hearts as to the way God is leading always looking to do His will in the development of the work at MYD.
  7. Our motto is: The Extra Mile which is a direct reference to Matthew 5:41. We aim to serve our guests with an attitude of not only fulfilling their hopes and expectations but doing whatever we can to exceed these aims so that our guests are blessed by their time spent here with us.

Min Y Don subscribes to CRNet and agrees to abide by its Code of Practice.


  1. We see people as the priority and desire to treat our guests with friendliness, respect and courtesy.
  2. We endeavour to outline clearly in literature and on websites the standards and services that guests can expect to find.
  3. We aim to show transparent honesty and openness in our dealings with guests that includes:
    • a clear pricing structure that highlights any extras or cancellation charges
    • a booking process that has reasonable terms and conditions and is administered efficiently.
  4. We strive towards high standards of hygiene, safety, maintenance and access in accordance with current legal requirements.
  5. We aim to deal speedily and responsibly with any concerns or complaints that arise.

Staff Team

  1. We commit ourselves to providing effective and appropriate training for our staff that values them as a vital part of the organisation.
  2. We endeavour to ensure that all staff and volunteers understand and comply with current legislation that applies to all areas of their responsibility.
  3. We endeavour to provide opportunities for our staff and volunteers that will develop them and not simply equip them for the demands of their current role.

Those members using the CCI logo on their literature or website have signed this Code of Practice.

In all that we do, we aim to reflect our Christian calling and the CCI statement of faith to which we adhere.

Further details of CCI UK can be found at www.cci.org.uk

Our vision

Over the next few years, here at Min y Don we expect that:

  1. Jesus Christ will continue to meet the needs & affect the lives of our guests as they hear & learn about Him here in this place.
  2. Our dependence on God, a servant-hearted attitude & a willingness to go the extra-mile will win people for Christ.
  3. Those who serve on our Staff Team will grow in their relationship with God & in their personal development as Christians.
  4. God will continue to inspire and envision the leadership of Min y Don as we look to Him for guidance & direction.
  5. God will provide for all our needs if we continue to rely entirely upon Him.
  6. God will lead Min y Don to further the Christian influence in our local communities.
  7. God will give Min y Don opportunities to be of service in other Christian Centres overseas.

Many of our staff continue to work in the outdoors even after moving on from Min y Don – and some even start their own businesses. Paul Hobbs is one of those – and he is now the owner of Mountain Craftsman – a quality outdoor clothing company.

Health & Safety

AALA Licensing Logo

Health and Safety is first and foremost in out planning for any group here at Min y Don.

Min y Don is an AALA (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority) Government Registered Centre. This means that we agree to undergo inspections every two years to ensure that we can maintain our Licence.

Inspectors carry out very thorough inspections of everything, from activity equipment to Staff Qualifications. They also come and observe our activity sessions being run.

If they are satisfied in what they find, they issue a Licence to the Activity Provider.

We have AALA Approved Risk Assessments & Activity Procedures which are supplied to schools for you to keep on record. Parents of children visiting Min Y Don may view these at your school if requested.

Local Education Authorities require documentation of Risk Assessments, procedures, Instructor Qualifications and Insurance Cover. Min y Don can provide your School & LEA with all this information on request.

Min y Don has continually been updated, modernised and extended, and meets all safety fire and health regulation requirements.

Min y Don Christian Adventure Centre is a Government Registered Activity Provider and is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and is licensed to provide specific activities under the following headings: Kayaking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Walking and Abseiling.

Licence details can by confirmed by calling the Licensing Authority on 02920 755 715.
For reference, our AALA License Number is: L3592/R0173