Deep in the Min y Don woods, Crate Climbing as as crazy and fun as it sounds, and is a very popular activity with all groups at Min y Don!

Build and climb towers that you make out of milk crates. Stack them up has high as you can, and climb for fun or as a team.The Min y Don record is 35 crates – but don’t worry, you’ll always have your safety rope!

You will have your balancing skills tested as well as having to try to work out the best method to build the highest tower.

Crate Climbing is now in the Min y Don woods next to High Ropes and the new Abseiling Tower.

Crate Climbing Gallery

Did you know: The World Record for the highest crate tower ever built is over 12 meters (41ft) high and was built in Australia! That’s even higher than our High Ropes Course!