Pirate Treasure Hunt
The treasure hunt that leads to the booty! Participants use memory and pacing skills to find and collect wooden seals which will lead to clues to where the treasure lies!  Suits age 7yrs to adult.

Junior Treasure-Hunt
Cryptic clues, crayon rubbings & a jigsaw puzzle! – Mapreading for beginners, 11 down to 6yrs or younger.

Advanced Treasure-Hunt
Map-work over a larger area, simple grid references, 10 clues to crack the code and unearth the Treasure-chest!  Suit 10yrs to adult.

Extreme Treasure-Hunt
More scenario than treasure-hunt ! Use map-work, puzzle over cryptic clues and work together to sink the plunger before time runs out. To suit 12 yrs to adult.

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