Summer Team

This is a short term scheme giving you the opportunity to serve God in Christian Ministry whilst gaining a wide range of experiences.   Working over the summer to fit into the academic calendar, you would live as part of our Team community here at Min-y-Don. 

The main aim of the summer team is for you to serve God with us here and be discipled as a young Christian. Helping the long-term staff during the busy summer season, the schedule can be full but also varied and fun.

Summer Staff at Min y Don also have the opportunity for the following:
Instructing and assisting with outdoor pursuits activities
Youth and children’s Work
Working and living as a team
Preparing and delivering a Christian message to guests and local youth
During your days off there are plenty of opportunities for activities and adventure on the doorstep.

Whilst many summer programmes ask you to volunteer or even raise money and pay to join them – we enable you to live and work as part of a team. Your pay each month takes into account all your living expenses whilst you reside on-site here at Min-y-Don. You would also have paid holiday entitlement.

With our Christian ethos and the nature of the work at Min y Don there is an occupational requirement for applicants to have an active Christian Faith.  Successful applicants will take part in weekly team prayer meetings and discipleship group as well as planning and delivering short teaching times to school and family groups on Christian principles and values.

Min y Don is situated in a stunning area of the Snowdonia National Park. To learn more about the Centre and its work please call 01341 250433 or Contact Us for further details and an application form.