Hello again!
One last school group, disinfecting kit (and in some cases Staff), Unihoc and Christmas Dinners - some traditions never change so a very warm festive welcome to Min y Don News, December edition, which is, of course, where we wish all our followers a very Happy Christmas!

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It’s still ‘all go’ here at Min y Don and even though we’re a few days away from pressing pause to enjoy our Christmas and New Year break there is plenty to do to help us be ready for 2019.

After the last of our groups; a primary school from Chester, we embarked on the ‘big kit wash’ – basically a spring clean of every item of kit we have; all disinfected and stored away ready for use again next year. It’s a big undertaking but our wonderful team have it all off to a fine art, so as the music blares out across the car park, and we see climbing ropes used as washing lines everywhere, we make sure that all the kit is in excellent condition ready for use next year.

The Centre smells strongly of fresh paint and as carpets are scrubbed, new water pipes laid and various bits of the building taken apart and put back together again we wonder how we will ever be ready in time to go again next year. We will – and we look forward to what looks like an exciting and full year ahead.

Certain traditions play their part in the life of the Min y Don Family at this time. Fortunately everyone survived the annual Unihoc match and most could still move the next day, so all went well there.

Our evening out at ‘The Ship’ in Dolgellau again proved, as it did last year, to be a good venue for our Christmas meal and we all enjoyed a really lovely evening together as we did at Secret Santa another highlight of our December calendar.

Youth & Church Work

It feels that this year we have been busier than ever with various Christmas events at Church, many of which were youth related.

On the second Sunday of the month we had the opportunity to thank all our friends at the Church for all their support by organising and providing Christmas Lunch. Over one hundred people were fed and we enjoyed a really great day together following on from the Nativity Service in the morning.

Again, in conjunction with Tywyn Baptist Church, a Christmas Party was held on the following Saturday, which had around eighty children attending with their parents. This again involved catering as well as lots of games and our famous ‘Christmas Photographer’ sketch which sees all the various elements that often out squeeze the real reason for the season take to the stage – but it is of course, Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus who rightfully regain first place.

I’m pretty sure all the Mums, Dads and youngsters who were there understood what we were getting at amidst the snowman, Santa Claus, Buzz Lightyear, Christmas Present & tree and even an inflatable Unicorn.

The Friday evening groups had their respective end of year parties too and now we have a break from the regular clubs over Christmas and look forward to many more exciting times in 2019.

We are continually thankful for the provision of such excellent and gifted people to help deliver the programmes and events. We’re really blessed with a great team, not only Min y Don Staff but also the folks (many are former Min y Don Staff!) who work so hard on behalf of Tywyn Baptist Church.

2019 Holidays

Don’t forget that places for next year’s holidays are in quite big demand so early booking is always recommended. We plan to reveal the theme for The Ultimate Adventure early in 2019 so keep watching and waiting for the big news to arrive.

When in ‘Christmas mode’ (from 21st December) our Office has less-frequent email checks. We do check for phone messages on a daily basis so we’ll do our best to make sure you get the week you want for your 2019 break. Office wise; we plan to resume full operational status from January 3rd onwards.

In Other News

Most of you will know by now that instead of the Christmas Newsletter that we used to produce, we now distribute a New Year newsletter booklet which does look back a little, but focuses mainly on the year ahead. We aim to have these ready for you in January so you can expect one through the post.

Of course we have curtailed our mailing list somewhat due to GDPR so if you think that you may have not remembered to re-subscribe then you won’t be receiving one. Never fear though because all you have to do is contact us and we’ll be delighted to add you back on to the mailing list.

We’d like to sign off this year by thanking all of you who have prayed for us, supported us financially, encouraged us with cards, emails and letters, visited us and been so positive about the ongoing work.

We recognise that it’s only through God’s continued provision that we continue here and we are thankful for all He provides.

Our vision and mission remains strong and resolute. We seek to serve people in His name and spread the good news of Jesus Christ through our words and deeds.

We appreciate your prayers more than you will know. Please pray specifically for: any Min y Don Team members who are unwell, the provision of the right Team members to fill any spaces we may have later in the year, financial provision for the needs of the Centre, the downstairs bathrooms project which is something we’d love to see happen soon, the first excursion to visit the work of Starfish Malawi and also the lane access issues which have been a feature of this current year. We really do value and appreciate your commitment to pray us through another year as we seek to push on in the work.

Well there you are. Farewell 2019 from all at Min y Don; it’s been another very full and productive year.

With love from Susie & Pete
and all the team here at Min y Don