Online Prayer

We appreciate your prayers, and we pledge ourselves to keep on trusting that if the Lord wills the work to go on, He’ll provide the means to do it.

The first Online Prayer meeting will be on Monday 8 July at 7.30pm.  Please join us on Zoom using the link below

Min y Don Online Prayer – Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 381 620 2988
Passcode: CT110721

To begin with, we see these taking place once a quarter, and we’ll be sending out more notifications and reminders, together with specific prayer points beforehand as we get nearer to the first meeting taking place.

We’ve seen over the years and continue to see how completely foundational prayer is to all that takes place, to all that we need to continue, and to all that will unfold. Please keep watching for more details about this coming soon.

Things that you can pray for right now are;

  • For the resources we need, both in personnel and financially as we endeavour to maintain and develop the work over the course of this year – and beyond.
  • For exactly the right person to take up the position of Min y Don’s new Cook.
  • For our Staff Team, both the existing team and those who will be joining us over the summer and in September.
  • For the end of the school summer term and for the family holiday weeks. Please pray too for families preparing to get away on Care for the Family’s Take-a-Break weeks.
  • For the local youth, and the desire we have to see as many as possible attend Christian summer residential camps.
  • For Min y Don’s Ultimate Adventure – our own summer camp. Please pray that it will be a time of great significance in the journey of faith for all the young people who come along.
  • For the Centre’s practical needs – For the building; for its maintenance and development.