Little Lounge Talks

At Min y Don, we’re missing every single one of you! So whilst we’re all confined to our homes we thought now would be a great time to start the Min y Don podcast: Little Lounge Talks!

Little Lounge Talks #23
It’s ‘big announcement’ time as our hosts have some news especially for you the listener(s). Intrigued? You’ll just have to tune in and find out! Things I can tell you are that: Joe & Jake discuss the breathing habits of a turtle, tourism in Dunkirk and the final instalment of Teddy’s holiday adventure.

We hear the latest on Min y Don Adventure Days and Joe speaks on Colossians 2: 6 – 7; encouraging us to put our roots into Jesus in order to grow strong. Finally – after all this time, we learn how Jake managed to acquire his incredibly muscular physique.

Little Lounge Talks #22
This week on LLT we are quite literally coming into land with our Adventures with Teddy – his travels are coming to an end. Jake is back with more animal facts. This time – did you know that there’s an animal that sneezes salt? Tune in to find out which one, and finally, where do we turn in a crisis? Joe talks about looking to God in every circumstance in life.

Little Lounge Talks #21
What would a hedgehog look like without its spines? Would it look anything like a kiwi? (The bird that is, not the fruit). This and many other crucial matters are discussed in episode 21 where we also hear about Teddy’s holiday, the MYD Adventure Days, and another ‘would-you-rather?’ Finally Jake looks at Psalm 27:14 which encourages us to be patient & trust; waiting for the Lord.

Little Lounge Talks #20
Join us this week, as our hosts chat through preparations for welcoming people, back to Min y Don. Also what is the best take-out meal you decide? Our journey with “Teddy” continues to produce the best in our creative listeners. And finally we hear some thoughts on Psalm 23 encouraging us to be confident in God who is with us always.

Little Lounge Talks #19
Back from their travels, our hosts tackle a wide range of issues such as the mercenary streak in penguins & whether birds (or any creature) can swallow food in space. We gain an insight into the World’s second best tourist attraction (after Min y Don of course) and although he no doubt regrets it now; Jake impersonates a peacock. We have the latest news on ‘Where’s Teddy?’ and finally, in order to stay grounded, we hear some thoughts on Psalm 18, reminding us to rely on God and not ourselves.

Little Lounge Talks #18
How many times have you been up Cader Idris? Probably not as many as this week’s Mystery Guest. Stayed tuned to find out who it is. Also, in this week’s episode Jake & Joe update you on The Adventures of Ted and we hear from our aforementioned guest some great advice about how we can respond to challenging times in our lives.

Little Lounge Talks #17
Ever wondered why flies bother cows but not zebras? This, and other matters of great significance are discussed in this latest episode. Yes, Jake & Joe are back to comment on your Teddy Travel photos, the most awesome thing at the Grand Canyon and recent staff team outings. Joe reminds us of the importance of praying at the start of your day and finally, for all our dear listeners we have an ever so slightly more complex ‘would you rather?’ Enjoy !

Little Lounge Talks #16
Is your Teddy ready? Jake & Joe introduce a brand new competition involving your favourite cuddly toy. They also discuss the merits of certain social media and which fast food outlet serves up the best burgers.

Jake brings us his thoughts about Barnabus and challenges us to focus on encouraging others. Finally our hosts deliberate over a sponsor for our weekly podcast. Who might it be? Hope you’re enjoying all this. I’m lovin’ it.

Little Lounge Talks #15
This week Joe gives some expert advice on car maintenance and our hosts discuss which is more likely; getting bitten by a shark, or getting bitten by a human in New York? They assess a duck’s potential to surf and dream of a trip to Legoland. There’s discussion about canoe games and Joe brings us a message from Acts Chapter 8 challenging us to look beyond our current circumstances, which can sometimes be hard, and see the bigger picture of what God is doing. Finally, we all need to address the vitally important question, ‘Where is Pete?’

Little Lounge Talks #14
In a monster episode this week the two main protagonists from the Great Bagel Debacle literally go head to head. This will, we hope – finally end the ongoing saga of Pre-cut vs Unsliced. How will you decide?

We have another ‘would you rather?’ and Jake looks at Micah 6v8, challenging us to look at the part we need to play in order for God to work out the best plans and purposes He has for our lives.

Little Lounge Talks #13
This week, not one but two ‘would you rathers’! We have a competition to test your building skills. Joe reflects on John Chapter 4 and asks if it matters to God where you are when you connect with Him.

Finally; there’s a warning for anyone who might have foolishly underestimated the punching power of a shrimp.

Little Lounge Talks #12
Joe & Jake are back with another episode of your favourite podcast. In this week’s edition we ponder how a kangaroo’s legs work; especially underwater or during boxing matches. You can hear about how we got on with your obscure photos and we pose the age-old question, ‘Where is Pete?’ We also hear from this week’s special mystery guest who reflects on Romans 12:12 encouraging us to be ‘patient in trouble and to keep on praying’. Good advice for these strange and unusual times. Enjoy, and chow mein.

Little Lounge Talks #11
Ever fed chilli to a chicken? Do they even like chilli? If you’ve ever pondered this fascinating question, then this episode is for you. We also hear about ‘When epilogues go wrong’ and Jake brings us a challenging message about checking our motives when we pray.

‘Would you rather?’ is back plus a new competition that will stretch both your photographic & creative ability.

Little Lounge Talks #10
In this week’s episode Jake & Joe open up a potentially even bigger debate than the bagel debacle; that being Custard Creams vs Bourbons. You’ll get to meet another mystery guest and hear about how awesome it is that God has brought the rainbow, and therefore a reminder of His promises, back to the forefront of our everyday lives. On a lighter note our hosts discuss the ‘celebrities made from food’ competition, and once again ask the vitally important question, ‘where is Pete?’

Little Lounge Talks #9
Ever wondered how to hypnotise a frog? Well, if you have (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) then this episode is for you. Jake & Joe also crank up the Big Bagel Debate and discuss the merits of which animals look best in a boat.

Joe reflects on verse 10 in Psalm 46; discussing what it means to surrender and let God take over those things we often try to do in our own strength. ‘Would you rather’ is back and finally, it’s time to see how you’re all getting on creating celebrities from food.

Little Lounge Talks #8
In this week’s edition Jake & Joe field feedback from our listeners and introduce a topic that could divide the nation: yes, it’s the big bagel debate! Which way will you vote?

We have a “first” in that our mystery guest is a former staff member who joins us via live satellite link-up (well, a phone call actually). He talks about how Jesus gives us room to explore our doubts.

Finally we ask ,’which famous person would you make – if you could make them out of food’ ?

Little Lounge Talks #7
In this week’s episode Jake & Joe discuss the criminal potential of the koala bear, the ability of animals to go round corners and pose another interesting “would you rather”.

Jake talks about James 1 v 22 and encourages us to be “doers” of the word; not just “hearers” and finally, we need to know exactly… where is Pete?

Little Lounge Talks #6
Join Jake, Joe and this week’s Special Guest (Did you correctly Guess the Guest? 🤔) on Little Lounge Talks Episode #6! Our special guest brings your their daily Bible reading tips to help you make the most of this time. This week’s competition challenges you to recreate your favourite movie scene using a single roll of toilet paper, and join the Frosties debate! This weeks ‘Would you Rather’ is ‘Would you rather be able to fly, or be able to stop time?’

Little Lounge Talks #5
Your favourite podcast hosts are back for a fifth week running! This week, Jake and Joe bring you their top cow facts of the week, debate the merits of kayaking over canoeing, we hear all about your favourite sandwiches. Joe brings a short thought about King Solomon, and how we have an opportunity to form our close relationships with God, thanks to Jesus.

Little Lounge Talks #4
Jake, Joe and Special Guest (who is it? 🤔) bring you Little Lounge Talks Episode #4! This week, we want to know all about your favourite sandwiches! You can take part in this weeks super exciting competition – and find out our special guest’s favourite Bible verses.

Little Lounge Talks #3
Jake and Joe bring you Little Lounge Talks Episode #3. This week, Jake talks about certainty in Jesus while living in uncertain times. Then get educated with Jake’s big fact of the day, and partake in this weeks competition!

Little Lounge Talks #2
Jake and Joe are back with Little Lounge Talks Episode #2. Joe talks about being active with God while being ‘locked down’, and talking to those around you about Jesus. Also introducing their first special guest (who will it be?!), a highly requested joke-off, and take part in this weeks hilarious competition!

Little Lounge Talks #1
Episode #1 has Joe and Jake talking about their favourite Min y Don meals, what happens at the centre when you’re not here, and how many ways can you cook an egg!