Meet our Staff Team

Always wanted to know more about the Min y Don staff team? Now you can meet your instructors before you even arrive! Are you interested in joining our staff team? Have a look at our current job vacancies.

Pete Centre Manager
Pete has been a Centre Manager along with Susie since 1995. Formerly a primary school teacher, alongside his other responsibilities, he still teaches the PE class at the local primary school.
Susie Centre Manager
Susie’s parents founded the Centre in 1961 and so Susie grew up with her family at Min y Don. After spending time working as a PE teacher, she returned with Pete in 1995 to take up the position of Centre Manager.
Sara Assistant Manager & Instructor
Sara has been with us since 2004 and currently spends half her week instructing activities and the other half heading up much of the local youthwork that the Min y Don team are very much involved in.
Tim Assistant Manager
Tim has been with us since 2002. He has a wealth of experience in the world of outdoor activities and was formerly a Centre Manager of another outdoor centre in North Wales.
Steve Instructor & Senior Team Member
Steve joined the team back in 1999. Alongside instructing guests, he also shares in the responsibility to train the younger members of the team and help them progress with qualifications.
Zoe Instructor & Senior Team Member
Zoe has been with us since 2003 and primarily instructs land based activities. She is a particularly keen Rock Climber and Mountain Biker.
Hilary Instructor & Senior Team Member
Hilary joined our team in 2010 and is a very well qualified member of our team. She spends time both instructing our guests as well as helping to train newer members of the team.
Chris Instructor & Senior Team Member
Chris started work at Min y Don in 2011 as a Trainee Instructor. Since then he has worked hard to gain a wide variety of outdoor qualifications and now takes some of the responsibility to train other members of the team.
Paul Instructor
Paul joined the team back in 2014. As well as spending time instructing at Min y Don, Paul also runs his own business hand making tents and outdoor clothing—a very useful person to know if you want a new waterproof jacket!
Briony Instructor
Briony has been with us since 2013. Previous to this she spent her Uni summer breaks working with us as a member of our Summer Team. She is now one of our permanent Instructors and is with us all year round—not just when the sun is shining!
Beth Instructor
Beth has been at the centre for some considerable time! As Pete & Susie’s daughter, she grew up at Min y Don and went on to join our team back in 2013.
Andrew Instructor
Andrew started work at Min y Don in 2014 as part of the instructional team. He had become familiar with the Centre previous to this as both a guest on holiday with his family and also later as a member of our Summer Team.
Jake Instructor
Jake joined the team back in 2014. Alongside helping to instruct a wide range of activities at Min y Don, he is also working towards achieving his more formal outdoor activity qualifications.
Cat Instructor
Cat has been with us since 2015. She spent her Gap Year with us in 2011 before embarking on her University course. She couldn’t stay away though and is now back with us as one of our Instructors… but don’t worry; she still gets plenty of opportunities to use the skills she learnt during her Youthwork degree!
Joy Instructor
Joy joined our team in 2016. Among other things Joy was previously a volunteer Air Cadet instructor and gained lots of experience in working with groups of young people. We are pleased that this experience is still being put to good use here at Min y Don.
Eton Instructor
Eton joined our team in 2016. He grew up in nearby Tywyn and we have come to know him very well through the local youth clubs & events that the team have been involved in running.
Harry Instructor
Harry joined our team in 2016. He spent part of the previous year in Hawaii where he received training to go out to Egypt and work alongside refugees. Among other things Harry is really into mountain biking having competed in competitions around the country.
Joe Instructor
Joe joined our team in 2016 and is on our Gap Year programme. This has given him the opportunity to get involved of all aspects of the work here at Min y Don before he heads off to Uni next year.
Josh Office Manager & Senior Team Member
Josh started work at Min y Don in 2008 as part of the instructional team. Since then he has changed roles to become the Centre’s Office Manager, though he still gets the occasional opportunity to get out from the office and get involved in some of the activities.
Lynne House Keeper
Lynne started work at Min y Don in 2002. She ensures that the Centre is always looking at its best and that all our guests are very well looked after… come to think of it, she also makes sure our staff team are very well looked after as well!
Leonor Centre Cook
Leonor joined the team back in 2005. She is responsible for the majority of tasty meals that are served up daily at Min y Don. She has also become the holder of the famous Min y Don Flapjack recipe!
Ian Maintenance
Ian joined our team in 2008 and since then has become an expert in a wide range of maintenance related topics! Always ready to help and give a hand if things cease to work properly, Ian’s skills and knowledge is invaluable.