Gap Year

This is a one year scheme giving you the opportunity to serve God in Christian Ministry whilst gaining a wide range of experiences. During this year you would live as part of our Team community here at Min-y-Don.

The main aim of the year is for you to serve God with us here and be discipled as a young Christian. If you wish, there would also be opportunity to gain experience towards outdoor pursuits qualifications in kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain walking and bushcraft.

Gap Years at Min y Don also provide opportunity for the following:
Instructing and assisting with outdoor pursuits activities
Youth and children’s Work
Working and living as a team
Preparing and delivering a Christian message to guests and local youth
To gain outdoor pursuits qualifications including First Aid

Whilst many gap year programmes ask you to raise money and pay to join it – we enable you to live and work as part of a team. Your pay each month takes into account all your living expenses whilst you reside on-site here at Min-y-Don. You would also have paid holiday entitlement.

Min y Don is situated in a stunning area of the Snowdonia National Park. To learn more about the Centre and its work please call 01341 250433 or Contact Us for further details and an application form.